Anyone can play guitar. - Radiohead
Hey ho, let’s go! - The Ramones

Remember the feeling that you got the first time you heard Henry Rollins screaming out the lyrics to Rise Above? The first time you realized that if The Ramones could strap on guitars and take on the world, then anyone could? Responsible Johnny does, they’ve been doing it for five years, and they show no signs of stopping at this point.

Tired of the crap coming out of the radio, Responsible Johnny is reaching back to the past, when three chords were all you needed and being punk wasn't defined by the style of your Hot Topic studded wristbands, it was defined by the chip on your shoulder and what was in your soul. And they plan to keep those values alive until they get a major label deal, a coke habit, stripper wives, and a pony.

Imagine a unicorn that feeds you candy that tastes like rainbows. That’s how good Responsible Johnny sounds. Imagine Johnny Ramone coming back from the dead, punching Joe Queer in the face, and then making sweet, sweet love to him. Responsible Johnny is as powerful as their baby when it cries.

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